Caring for your candle

Caring for your candle

Caring for your candle - should be simple, right?! With these top tips it's impossible to go too far wrong so have a read and let your candle live its best life!

First things first, it's all about the first burn! The first time you light your gorgeous candle keep that candle burning until the wax pools to the edge of the jar. This will ensure you get the most life out of your candle as it should prevent any 'tunneling' of the candle on subsequent burns. Tunneling is when the wax at the edge of the candle doesn't get hot enough to melt and you are left with a build up of wax around the edges of your container which will continue to build with subsequent burns. A good indication of how long the first burn will take is one hour per inch diameter of the candle, for example for a candle of two inches in diameter it should take approximately 2 hours for the wax to melt to the edge of the vessel. Of course the very best way if you're not sure is to just keep an eye on it and ensure it's reached the edge of the glass before you blow it out!

On subsequent burns make sure you keep that candle lit for at least an hour to ensure adequate wax has melted but don't keep it lit for too many hours (no longer than four) as this will lead to the wick moving or slanting which will mean that the wax won't burn evenly and could potentially start to tunnel - again preventing you getting the full life out of your candle!

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Next thing to think about, always care for your wicks! Trim to 5mm height when the wax is solid to prevent a high flame, smoke and soot, and keep the wax pool clear of any debris. Blow the candle out if the wick moves near the vessel as the heat could cause it to crack.

And finally but most importantly...always keep a special eye on your candle when the wax is running low and do not burn below 6mm, and remember to never leave a candle unattended! Take particular care not to burn when children and animals are about, always place on a fireproof surface, extinguish with care, and do not attempt to move it until the candle has cooled down and wax has solidified. Safety never takes a holiday!

Happy burning! 

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