We have a great range of PADi pillow designs available, including hearts, dots and lavendar sprig fabrics.

What is a PADi pillow?

You might be wondering what exactly a PADi pillow is. We have a fantastic selection available - designs ranging from bees, ducks, and woodland creatures to hearts, stars and dots. There is a design for everyone and for every occasion! But what can they be used for?! The answer is that there are many fantastic uses for your PADi pillow and probably many more we haven't even thought of yet...

PADi pillows are designed to hold or support your tablet, phone, laptop or any portable device, allowing you to catch up on your favourite programmes or browse the internet without getting an achey arm! They're lightweight and so particularly comfortable to place on your lap to support your book or Kindle when reading in bed. As they're filled with polystyrene beads you are able to adjust your portable device or book to whichever angle suits you the most and provides you with the most comfort.

PADi pillows are great to support your book when reading in bed.

If you work from home they're a great support for your devices, especially if you're working in a makeshift office or moving from room to room in search of a quiet space to sit during a meeting!

If you're a keen baker they're the perfect support for your recipe book or tablet - we speak from experience on this one!

PADi pillows are also great for supporting your recipe book when baking in the kitchen!

When you're travelling, be it by car, train, bus, or plane (we don't recommend using them on a bike!!) they're perfect to pop on your lap to use as a tablet support. They also double up as a comfy pillow to rest your head on - especially good when you're travelling in the car and have limited space! Being lightweight and filled with beads it will squish up nicely to fit in your bag so you have it with you ready for whenever you need it.

PADi pillows are a great support for your laptop or tablet

They're made from 100% cotton fabric (with many amazing designs to choose from) and are filled with polystyrene beads. They are roughly a 30cm pyramid. There is no need to worry when taking them out and about with you as they're machine washable too.

Finally, PADi pillows are hand made in Wiltshire - what's not to love! 

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