Pillow Talk...

Pillow Talk...

A good night’s sleep is vital to your health and happiness and so choosing the right pillow is important. Are you struggling to decide which pillow to choose?

There are a few tips and pieces of advice that we can offer you which might help you with your decision. The most important thing to think about when selecting your pillow is your sleeping position. Are you a front or back sleeper? Or perhaps you sleep on your side?

We have many luxury pillows available filled with duck or goose feather and down

If you are usually a back sleeper you should consider a pillow of medium firmness and of medium depth. The aim is to find one that keeps your neck in line with your spine when you are laid on your back. A medium firmness will help with aligning your neck.

If you are a front sleeper a soft and relatively flat pillow is ideal to prevent your head being tipped up too far and potentially developing neck ache by the morning. If the pillow is too firm or too thick your head will be raised upwards, and your neck won’t be in line with your spine which could cause you to wake up with discomfort.

Finally, for all the side sleepers out there a firmer and thicker pillow is the best combination to aim for. The pillow thickness is important to align your neck with your spine and fill the gap under your neck and head.  A firmer pillow will offer good support and less sinking, preventing excess filling covering your mouth!

The Premium 100% Hungarian Goose Down Pillows and Premium 100% European Duck Down Pillows are both available in three different firmness options. We would recommend the soft for a front sleeper as this option contains less filling to ensure that the pillow is softer and thinner. The medium firmness we would recommend for a back sleeper, and the firm is ideal for side sleepers as it is fuller and so offers the head and neck support required for a good night’s sleep.

Dusal cushion options

Other available options include the Zefiro Pocket Spring pillow which is plump and of a medium to firm firmness. We would recommend this one for a back or side sleeper. The Bamboo Pocket Pillow is of medium-soft firmness, is relatively deep and is made up of 24 individual pockets designed to absorb movement and support you through the night making it suited to side and back sleepers.

The bamboo pocket pillow is made up of a number of individual pockets

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