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Harwood Textiles

Bamboo Pocket Pillow

Bamboo Pocket Pillow

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This luxury pillow consists of 24 individual pockets designed to absorb movement and support you through the night. The individual pockets keep the fillings in place, achieving that even distribution of fillings across the whole pillow.

The natural bamboo casing is great for temperature regulation and is also moisture wicking, rapidly moving moisture away from the skin and drying quickly. This, combined with the anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic microfibre filling, bring natural health benefits and is perfect for those who struggle with sensitive skin, eczema, or hayfever.

  • 100% Bamboo Casing
  • 100% Microfibre Filling
  • Anti-Bacterial & Hypo-Allergenic 

Requires an extra large pillowcase.

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