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Charlotte Spencer

Small Natural Wax Candle

Small Natural Wax Candle

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Natural wax candles hand-poured in the Cotswolds using the finest ingredients and stunning aromas. Enjoy fruity, floral or musky wood scents, all stylishly housed in Apothecary style vessels. Let the troubles and stresses of your day float away and be transported to a beautiful country garden or a relaxing Eastern spa. The perfect treat for yourself or gift for a loved one!

These luxurious candles are made in the UK, using only botanical waxes for a clean burn, blended with delicious fragrances, giving you 100% vegan candles that are bursting with gorgeous fruity tones and calming aromatic floral scents.

  • 3.5oz candle
  • 35 hours burn time

About the fragrances:

Vanilla & Rosewood - A blend of sweet fruits and citrus top notes on a bed of wood, musk and vanilla.

Lime & Mandarin - Subtle but sharp Sicilian lime and fresh mandarin held together with Mediterranean herbs for a gorgeous scent.

Plum & Pomegranate - Juicy plum and pomegranate complement each other well with their sweetness offset on a warm, musky base.

Citrus & Lily Reminds some of the scent of fresh linen. Blends of mandarin tea and orange heart notes with lovely lily and hints of other florals.

Pear & Rhubarb - A fruity accord of fresh rhubarb and juicy pear.

Black Fig & Vetiver - A rich, earthy and cosy scent, a good aroma for the masculine nose.

Lemongrass & Ginger - Zesty lemongrass teams with fiery ginger to give you this uplifting blend reminiscent of Eastern spas.

Birch & Bergamot - A refined citrus note from bergamot with warm woods underfoot. 

Peony - Possibly the prettiest of the fragrances in this collection is the gorgeous blousy scent of peony.

Lavender & Sandalwood - Soft, gentle lavender teams up with warm sandalwood to give you this beautifully soothing scent.

Oak & Ebony - Deep woody hues and a hint of tobacco for the masculine nose.

Green Leaf - This fragrance in evocative of walking into a boutique florists, abundant with foliage and shimmers of soft florals.


Candle Safety:

  • Never leave a lit candle unattended.
  • Always keep a special eye on your candle when the wax is running low and do not burn below 6mm.
  • Take particular care not to burn when children and animals are about
  • Always place on a fireproof surface
  • Extinguish with care, and do not attempt to move it until the candle has cooled down and wax has solidified.
  • Remember, safety never takes a holiday!
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